CONSPIRACY OR FACT? …the god in the mind


He (A. Ralph Epperson) predicted in his book that religion will be outlawed and the new religion will be the worship of the mind of a man. This may however not settle well with many, especially the very religious people; regardless of the fact that they’re caught up in the web already.

Now, it is factual that whatever we give too much of our time and attention to automatically becomes a god which we directly or indirectly worship. People tend to make materialistic things as little as their (expensive) mobile phones become a god in their life based on how they handle it. That’s why you’ll hear people regularly say “don’t make this or that a god in your life”.

To others, a relationship can turn out to be a god in their life depending on how they handle it and to some, even the most beautiful flower in their garden becomes the god they worship even without knowing.

How do you know people make things their god? Tamper with that mobile phone and see how the owner jumps on you, break a branch of that flower and watch how a fellow man could literally chop off life out of the other. These things slowly become too important a part of their life to an extent they will likely not know when they’ve hurt another whilst protecting it.

Needless of talking about money. The world had already made it a god to mankind of which no one can literally survive without it. It’s a god everyone crave but no one will accept it if accused of idolatry. People however take lives for the sake of it. So?

How then do we bring the worship of the human mind as the new religion? God as we’re taught shows up in forms we can never decipher, and over time, the result of all creations in the world which we see today is a product of the mind.

In Christianity, God is said to have speak things into existence. However, what ever we utter (speak) with our mouth is already a product of our mind. We must see it first through the eyes of a visionary, imagine how it would work as well as how it can serve humanity. The mind then creates everything so perfect that it could take many years to completely build with hands what was designed through imaginations and thoughts in split seconds. 

In today’s world, the mind creates, while we communicate it through ideas sharing or sometimes as a business or innovation proposal or again, during a pitch. Whilst we speak of these things, the creation happens already and in no time, we see the results.

Now, everything we do here on earth is a product of what many term as the mind of God. That’s why you’ll hear your preacher telling you to find out what God’s plan is for you which is basically like saying, find out about the mind of God concerning you. What we unravel daily as our spiritual realities is nothing but our depth of synchronization with the mind of our creator who’s the universe itself.

As time evolves, this same mind was transferred to the best creation of the universe which happens to be man, making man a god and automatically a co-creator with the universe itself. And whilst the first creator of the world can’t come back in his or her previous form to keep speaking things into existence before the eyes of men, he’ll rather use the mind of some few selected men whom the earth always never deserve to communicate all the changes and experiences expected in the world where we live.

However, the creator never really rested, on the seventh day and it’s my personal opinion though. I think he’s still experimenting ways to sustain the world for humanity. 

How did I know this? The only thing we were told was created is man, the rest were spoken into existence and as such it can be then termed as fact that the few new creations in plant and animal species etc we are discovering daily never really existed (for thousands of years without being discovered) as we claim.

They are recently spoken into existence and the mind of the creator has a specific purpose for them which will unfold over time and by then, we will realize exactly the role they’re meant to play in sustaining the world.

Now, the few people who walk upon this earth with supernatural possibilities to access the ultimate mind of the universe are those many end up worshiping even without knowing they’ve idolized a fellow human like them; because as long as you wake up everyday spending most of your time diving into the mind of another, you’ve ended up immortalizing that person and worshiping their mind as well.

They constantly bring creations alive, they are thinking at all times of the next possible solution to many problems. Because they’re not like every other person, they do not tend to affix their mind in a particular spot. They share the mind of the ultimate creator which makes them think and span around almost all the problems of life and the world in split seconds, creating solutions to them as an idea.

Many go to bed everyday anticipating for the next day what will become of the mind of these few persons. Even when they go an entire day about their job or business, they’re automatically in sync with this mind because in every 24hours, someone and in most case(s) everyone will always have something to take home from the mind of these person(s).

Most of the creations in their mind will not be implemented or executed by the carrier of the mind, as such, everyone else is expected to dive into this mind and fetch something out which they can use in making their lives better. Some get ideas to improve their businesses, others may learn something new about management, leadership or inventions etc.

However, there’s no guarantee that the mind of these persons will please or appeal to everyone. This mind is on some sort of autopilot and cannot really be controlled as it spans everywhere. Even if they (carriers) were able to control these thoughts, their essence of existing on earth will become useless because each of the ideas or thought coming from these minds are valid and useful to someone somewhere, regardless.

This is where societal definition of life, indoctrination (religion) and cultures play the deal. Whilst a particular thought or idea will seem foolish and useless or evil to one person or some set of persons depending on their own belief system or culture, same thought would mean everything for another who sees nothing wrong in it.

And as long as humanity wakes up daily to feed from the minds of these persons or a person, mankind by default makes them a god which brings to reality what was predicted will become the new religion which is the worship of the mind of a man. These persons then become a character or specimen of what I’ll term as a global experiment of creation.

Even religious places and teachers use their life, times and experiences in creating their teachings and messages. Everyone feeds from this mind and in no time the world is further built, many inventions happen, people make bigger exploit, all hands gets on deck, all, co-creating with the creator himself in a bid to complete the ultimate creation plan which contributes in pushing the human race forward.

This is deep, one must have a deeper understanding of life to understand all that’s contained in this article which is nothing but my little experiment to prove for a fact that men have already over the years began worshiping the mind of fellow ‘not regular’ men who walk upon the earth. 

In many nations, persons in this category are marked as ‘national treasures’, they are not merely pampering and protecting just a person, their mind is everything as it is factual that the body which carries the said mind can be dumped and replaced any minute if there’s possibility that the mind is taken out and replaced into a different body.

This is an expository article which can only be understood by people who read with an open mind.